Please click on the link below for all 4-H related forms and documents.

Calendar of Events

Following is the calendar for the 2022-2023 Carroll County 4-H Program.  Please remember that dates are subject to change and you should always check the latest edition of the News and Notes Newsletter, Facebook or your email for date changes. The Jr. Fair Calendar is also available.

REMINDER:  If the Carrollton School District closes for weather conditions, all 4-H programs, events and meetings that were scheduled are also cancelled.  This includes 4-H Club meetings.

2023 4-H Calendar

2022 Jr.Fair Dates to Remember

2021 Never Fed Beta Agonist Parent/Guardian Affidavit

2021 Never Fed Beta Agonist Producer Affidavit

2022 Royalty Application

2022 4-H Clubs

4-H Family and Member Guide

The Carroll County Extension office has created a personalized member guide for the 4-H Program in our County.  This guide provides you with information pertinent to our county program.  Opportunities for our youth, guidelines for projects, club requierments, resources, judging and skillathon guidelines and links to resources can all be found here.  If you are unable to find the answer you are looking for, please feel free to call the office and we would be happy to assist you.

Carroll County 4-H Family and Member Guide




4-H Camps

4-H Camp Piedmont:  The 4-H Camp Piedmont Registration Packet for 2023 will be available in May.  Camp dates for 2023 are: TBA. Camp is available to all youth ages 9-14 and having finished the 3rd grade.  

2022 Camp Registration

Health Form- You must include a photo

The Carroll County 4-H Committee offers partial and full scholarships (campership) to 4-H members that would like to attend 4-H Camps.  Each year we have an application that can be filled out by the member and the parent to apply for a campership. It should be noted that you must be a member of the Carroll County 4-H Program AND have participated in the cookie dough sale to qualify for a campership.

Cloverbud Day Camp:  Cloverbud Day camp is held August 3, 2023 and is for all youth that have finished kindergarten thru 2nd grade.  It is held at Carroll County COmmunity Park

Health Form  - You must include a photo


2023 Camp Counselor Application

Member Forms

The following forms are available in a fillable PDF Document format for your convenience.  However, they MUST be printed and turned in with the proper signatures hand written.

Ohio Health Form - Club Copy

Member/Cloverbud Enrollment Form This form is for new members only- all established members must re-enroll via 4HOnline at the following link: 


Goat ID and Exhibition 

The following PowerPoint will explain the type of ID goats mus have in order to exhibited at the fairs.  The information comes directly form the USDA-APHIS and ODA.  If you have any questions, please feel free to call the office.

Goat ID and Exhibition Requirements 

Horse Program Information

Horse Judging Scoresheet

Click on the link to view the scoresheet for horse projects this year including the Medication insert you will be asked to identify.  Horse Project Scoresheet

Horse Show Information

Following is the information for the 2019 PAS Shows

PAS Requirements 2019       PAS Patterns 2019      

A link to the webpage that keeps an updated PAS Show schedule is below: 

Self Determined Projects:  If you have chosen to complete a Self-Determined project, you now have the option of filling the guide out on the computer and then printing it.  This is a fillable PDF that can be saved to your computer and printed at your convenience.  Remember that if you are taking a Self-Determined project (Even one with an Idea Starter) you MUST complete this booklet.

Self Determined Project Guide 

Carroll County Junior Fair

All forms for Junior Fair are available on the Carroll County Fair Webpage.  Carroll County Born and Raised Livestock Forms, Jr. Fairboard Applications and Committee Registration Instructions are included on this page.  Click on the following link to take you directly to that page: 

2020 Blue Book

2022 Born and Raised form

Award Forms and Applications

The 4-H Career Book is a great way to keep track of your completed projects, awards and accomplishments.  Then, when it is time to fill out forms for State Awards, you will have the information you need!  Click on the link:

Ohio 4-H Career Record Book

The Carroll County Honor Member Application needs to be filled out and turned into the Extension office by the last Monday of August.  That date for this year is August 26th.  Remember if you are applying for your 5th year or better, you will also need to fill out the Ohio 4-H Acheivement Record  Form listed below.  Click on the link for the member application:

Honor Member

The Carroll County 4-H Award Application is the form that is needed when you apply for 4-H Outstanding Court, 4-H Committee College Scholarship, and State Leadership Camp.  It is also the form that is needed when you are applying for 5th-11th year honor member.

The Ohio Scheivement Record Form can be found at the following link:

Ohio 4-H Achievement Record Form

Honor Club Form

Honor Club

The New Poultry Project and Record Book does not have a Resource Book availble to 4-H members this year.  In the interim OSU Extension has put together a document that has a list of resources that can be utilized to find the answers to questions in the project book and to study for skillathon.  Click on the link below:

Poultry Resource Document

Poultry Resource Book

Officer Handbooks


Vice President



Health and Safety


News Reporter


Community Service

Poultry Order Forms